Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bella Forcella Christmas is here!!!

As there's only 6 months to go I have the proud pleasure of introducing to you my new blog: Bella Forcella Christmas!!!

As you well know, Christmas doesn't just happen. No, it takes months of planning, preparation and organisation. Christmas also isn't just a "holiday", it's a feeling - a state of mind, there's a reason why it's called "Christmas Spirit" (and I don't mean Bailey's).

Bella Forcella Christmas will be with you all the way to December 25th inspiring (and calming...) you with innovative decorations, thoughtful gift ideas and practical organisational advice.

You can expect the usual Bella Forcella approach to all things Christmas - lots of cocktails, yummy food, fun outings and plenty of shopping.

From beauty to entertaining and from gifting to decorating, it'll be all wrapped up in a stylish bow over at Bella Forcella Christmas.

Jump over to Bella Forcella Christmas now for the very first post and don't forget to follow on FacebookTwitterInstagram and of course, Pinterest!

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