Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Mr. Forcella and I are big fans of the original Mumtaz in Bradford, so we thought it was about time we checked out the restaurant in Leeds.

Serving authentic Kashmiri cooking in rather plush surroundings, Mumtaz Leeds is certainly a step up from your average Indian meal.

Sitting under quite possibly the world's largest tassel, we began our evening with  poppadums and a luscious pickle plate which includes the unusual but gorgeous plum chutney - you can buy a jar of this, and other chutneys, oils, sauces and even ready meals and baby food on your way out!!

Starters were chicken rolls (a Kashmiri version of Chinese spring rolls) for me and 
paneer tikka for Mr. F.

Mumtaz restaurants are alcohol free, but who needs alcohol when you've got freshly squeezed strawberry juice???

Butter chicken and prawn makhani - served as mild or spicy as you like - came served in bowls with built-in flames to keep them warm.

Dessert was mango cheesecake - well it would have been rude not to!!

And the best thing? The portions are huge and the lovely staff are more than happy to pack up any leftovers for you to take away. That's tomorrow night's dinner sorted, then!

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