Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tuesday Night Supper Club

I always think that Tuesday are just a bit... meh. So my solution to the whole "not the beginning of the week not the end of the week" ennui is to have friends round for an informal supper.

Our neighbours have an amazing garden where they grow so much fruit and veg that they are virtually self sufficient. As a result when they have a glut of anything we get some of the extras - I was presented with this punnet of home-grown blackcurrants when my guests arrived. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with them yet but no doubt I'll share it with you when I do!!

Just because you're hosting a casual mid-week dinner doesn't mean that you can't get the candles out and make the table look a bit special - a little bit of glamour without too much effort!

I served up a swede and coconut daal (recipe here) - a one pot dish that doesn't require any accompaniments where nearly all of the ingredients either came from my freezer or store cupboard. The best thing to make is simple that you can knock together without much thought or planning and preferably doesn't create much washing up!


For dinners such as this I make no apology for buying in a dessert, and I have to say I had no complaints about these salted caramel profiteroles!

What do you do to get through tedious Tuesdays? Do you have any suggestions of what I can make with my beautiful blackcurrants?


  1. Very normal, but last summer I made a gorgeous blackcurrant and apple crumble...450g blackcurrants, 900g bramley apples, 25g light or dark soft brown sugar, 1 tp cinamon and 1/4 tsp cloves...the crumble bit is 225g lain flour, 1tsp baking powder, 75g butter, diced, 150g light or dark brown soft sugar and 100g hazelnuts toasted and chopped...yum! Lovely idea to have a dinner party during the week :-)


    1. That sounds delicious, especially the hazelnuts in the topping! Thank you xxx