Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Teepee Love

Have you ever been to a wedding in a teepee? I mean a wedding that took place in a teepee, not attended a wedding wearing a teepee. Well until Saturday I hadn't done either but now I have been to a wedding that took place in a teepee (wearing a teepee to a wedding is still on my bucket list...) and it was, quite frankly, magical.

The brides wanted to create a celebration which reflected their personalities and which was as special and unique as they are (I added that bit!). They love to camp and they had a wonderful teepee village built in their back garden for the event.

There was a double kåta for the ceremony, dining & dancing and smaller teepees for guests to sleep in after the party.

Kåtas are the traditional tents of the Sami people of northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of northern Russia and who live a semi-nomadic life as reindeer herders.

Karen & Caroline made their way through the rain from the house to the kåta which had been beautifully decorated with bespoke touches by their families.

The wonderfully personal cake was made by Karen, the rustic tea-light holders by her father and the name places were drawn by the couple's bridesmaids, Heidi & Lauren.

We feasted on a barbecue and salad, gorged ourselves with fresh fruit gateaux and toasted with champagne.

As dusk fell we boogied into the night to the Riveria Band, who provided their own unique take on contemporary classics by adding a  30s and 40s gypsy jazz twist.

One of the best things about weddings is that you get to spend time with old friends whom you don't often get to see. At the end of the evening we collapsed onto the super-soft reindeer skins in the chill-out den and posed for a "Friends" style photo, which is an ace memento of the day!

The main teepee was illuminated by fairy light and hanging paper laterns, and Moroccan lanterns lit the pathway from the teepee, leading guests back to reality.  

Thank you so much to Karen & Caroline and their families for inviting myself and Mr. Forcella to celebrate their special day with them - we wish you nothing but happiness in your life together xxxx


  1. Hi Bella,

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  2. That teepee looks amazing! I absolutely love garden weddings, you can't really get more personal :-)

    1. It was so lovely - the tropical rain didn't bother us at all!!