Thursday, 11 July 2013

Playing Hooky

Well, strictly speaking, I wasn't playing hooky - I took the afternoon off work to spend some time organising the move our of our little city flat back to our proper home in the "country" (well, Hebden Bridge isn't a city!).

As anyone who's ever moved house knows, it's a very stressful time, so in order to prevent a tension-induced migraine and full scale melt down I thought that a lunch date with my little sis followed by a little light shopping would get me in the right frame of mind for the hours on hold to utility companies and box packing that lay ahead.

Our usual meeting place is the Gourmet Burger Kitchen as it's opposite my office and has speedy service (essential for lunch hour rendezvous!)

We started with nice refreshing Strawberry & Elderflower Fizzers which prepared us for the main event...

Kits tucked into The Capital, I chose a Pesterella (panko bread-crumbed chicken breast with pesto mayo and mozzarella) and we shared a portion of onion rings.

Stuffed, we walked off some of the calories in Leeds' Victoria Quarter where we had a nice time mooching around shops such as Moda In Pelle (Kits got a foxy pair of green wedges in the sale), The White Company and Radley.

I treated myself to this gorgeous smelling candle - and I love the rough ceramic jar and little lid!

I though that this pretty pink wrapping paper would make nice drawer liners (for the dressing room I don't have yet...).

But I'm not telling you what I got from Radley - that's a secret for now as it's a birthday present!!!

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