Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Where Does Your Scarf Come From??

Sooo, I have about a million scarves (give or take a couple of hundred thousand...) - I just love the way that they can transform an outfit. A scarf can take my usual jeans & t-shirt combo from "hanging round the house" to "lunch with the girls" in less than a minute.

But recently I bought a very special scarf.

My friend Jo launched the ethical and environmentally friendly clothing & accessories brand "Where Does It Come From?" last year. Where Does It Come From (WDICF) is the antithesis of mass produced throwaway fashion - each item is made in India by farmers, spinners, weavers, designers and printers who are paid a fair wage for their work under good working conditions (WDICF are Fairtrade accredited).

And here's the best part - all the elements of your garment's lifecycle are traceable via a unique code on the label and you even get to "meet" the people who made it!

My scarf's code is DG56MKW and here's its story...

The cotton for my adorable Moose Khadi Scarf was grown by Pithabhai, a farmer in Saurashtra on the coast of Gujurat state in western India. It was then spun by 20 year old Jyoti.

Weaver Geeta spent two months learning how to use a paddle loom after being selected by her co-op to train alongside six other girls.

Moral Fibre Fabrics are Where Does It Come From's production partner in Gujarat and they designed the funky moose print, as well as a scarf with the WDICF oak leaf logo as the design.

Finally, my scarf was hand printed using non-toxic colours by Neelam, a print designer trained at the prestigious National Institute of Design, who runs a small hand block printing studio.

How cool is that??

I originally bought my moose scarf for Christmas,however I think I'll be wearing it all year round! The oak leaf design is lovely and spring-like and it's perfect for a mother's day gift.

The scarves cost £20 each and you can buy them from the Where Does it Come From?website and you can hang out with the WDICF gang on Twitter and Facebook (I often do - they're a friendly bunch!!). 

Let me know if you decide to treat yourself or your mum to a scarf and don't forget to share your #Scarfie on social media!

Disclaimer: I was not gifted my scarf and I have not been paid for this blog post. I just want to introduce you to this amazing, forward thinking company and, of course, show off my scarf!!

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